Ad-hoc solutions for Contact Centers

HCI intends to be an important support organization for different kinds of companies. More precisely, new software solutions were developed to guarantee an optimized management of the Contact Center processes and, more in general, of Customer Relationship Management.

The proposed and then developed solutions go from the support to the telephonic interactions (both inbound and outbound), through the Trouble ticketing, to applications and solutions for the management of the sources (staff planning) and specifics CRM solutions.

The applications supporting the interactions on the phone assure the operator a more efficient management of the processes, also thanks to the interaction with the telephonic system (CTI link) and with the most common relational databases.

This kind of software was developed right for Contact Center needs, organizing informative and technical support processes (through inbound calls) and more in general, contact campaigns with privates and companies (through outbound calls), both for sales and for survey purposes, market research, commercial contact, etc…

Through a specific web/http connector, these applications also allow to create a link between applications and ”inner” productivity environments (E.g. Company portal, web based CRM software) and the telephonic world, for example to implement a click-to-call function, preview dialing and in general to speed and make more efficient the research process and/or the contact with the customer.

Furthermore, these applications allow to obtain a highly organized management of the gathered data and also to perform structured interviews at different complexity levels, if needed.

HCI also provides customized report tools, in order to extract and gather data, but also to create statistics.

The management of the documental flow stands just for a little part of the entire life of a company, where all the partners are daily committed in several activities. HCI creates business intranets with different purposes: operational processes support, collaboration and management of the knowledge, inner company communication and socialization, automation of the HRs processes.