One vision, more efficiency

The company Quality System is based on a managing integrated approach, including every company function. We are referring to project planning, traceability of the activities and the inclination for improvement, which would represent the strong points of a strategic model.

The Company Quality System chain chooses as its first step a deep analysis of the customer’s requests. This will turn into a commercial offer where all the service guidelines will be clearly defined (Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators).

All the company processes are measurable through service indicators. Their permanent supervision represents a crucial tool for the assessment of the quality of the services supplied and for the improvement of the processes.

Code of Conduct

Sharing to improve

HCI Group bases its company culture on ethically and socially responsible behaviors. The Group puts them at the basis for its economic and social development.

For this reason the Direction chose to adopt a Code of Conduct that defines and acknowledges legal importance and compulsory efficiency to the principles and the values that administrators, supervisors, employees, employers, collaborators and third parties co-operating with HCI Group have to observe.

The Code of Conduct is a unified document for every company of the HCI Group, which is in effect from 15/01/2015 and integrated with a Company Behavioral Code reserved for employees.

The spread of this document happens through the company website, notice boards and company computer platforms.

Entering the link below, it will be possible to download the documents:

Code of Conduct and Discipline (Italian Only)


Koiné srl carries out the activity of the use of personal data of the people addressing Koiné to find a job.

We kindly inform you that all the personal data included in your CV of your own accord, will be acquired and used in paper form and/or on magnetic, electronic or telematics supports just to assess an eventual interest in establishing a future contractual relationship to be determined in its contents. Your data will be used for 1 year, at the longest. Then they will be deleted, unless different communication by the person concerned.

The company managing computer system guarantees full respect of the safety measures written and disciplined by the privacy code.

All the acquired data will be exclusively used for the recruitment activity, according to the company needs.

During the management of the data, the categories of people in charge, inside or outside the company, listed below may become aware of your data. We inform you that they have been given specific written instructions:

  • Human Resources Department employees
  • Human Resources Management employees
  • People in charge of the use of the data and the recruitment activity

The holder of the use is Koiné srl. Its headquarter is in Maerne di Martellago (VE) via Circonvallazione 28 Q – VAT Number: 03154360279.


External responsible for the use of your personal data is K-form Srl. Koiné Srl put the company in charge of the selection and the assessment of the candidates. According to the current law, K-Form Srl has the following address: Maerne di Martellago (VE) via Circonvallazione 28 Q – VAT Number: 03973640273.