The company at the service for the co-operation

Koiné sustains and subsidises the Association “Un Cuore Un Mondo Padova Onlus” (A heart A world – tn) of the pediatric heartsurgery department. That is a topic that doesn’t attract as much attention as other topics do, but it certainly is crucial for our society.

Koiné is also partner of the Campiello literary prize, organized by Confindustria Veneto. The reason for this kind of partnership is that Koiné strongly believes in Italian narrative, so the company decided to support a kind of literature that aims to raise the number of readers.

Two fields that don’t have much in common, but that are united by Koiné willing to be present on the territory and in the social community.


Co-operation and competition at the service of the company

A partnership to build a winning structure

(Simone Cason, C.E.O.)

Since some years Koiné has been beside professional of the sport world: Paolo Andreucci, 9 times Rally Italian Champion and Umana Reyer Venezia, one of the most important basketball Italian societies. The sport culture based on co-operation and competition concepts, represents just the HCI Group’s spirit: walk towards a goal and make efforts altogether.

Just in this way it would be possible fulfil a socio-educational task, passing the collaborators the culture of the common sacrifice, in order to reach a common goal.